The new en-route collection


20% DISCOUNT, FREE DELIVERY and FREE 14-DAY RETURN only on this new collection.

Available online only from the 23th to 30th September.

At Jennings, we believe there’s a home out there for every rug we source - it’s just a matter of finding the right one. The En Route collection features the latest of our rugs to touch down in the UK following Clare’s trip earlier this year.

Latest trends with the weavers in Afghanistan include the resurgence of gold used in designs. This hasn’t been seen in rugs for quite some time and may represent a shift in trends within the industry. Other popular colours in this collection include greys and duck egg blue, which complement any modern home.

Jennings customers will have the first look at these rugs in our exclusive En Route Collection. We’re offering a 20% discount, free delivery and free returns to give you a chance to find the perfect rug for your home.

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“New and unusual colours, such as greys, golds, and duck egg blues make up this beautiful collection”


handpicked rugs from Afghanistan at 20%