Meet the Team


Clare at JW Jennings

"I have been surrounded by oriental rugs since the day I was born (though I don’t think I was actually born on a stack of rugs). As a child I was lucky enough to be taken to Turkey on holiday long before it was a key tourist destination, and all I wanted to do was swim in the pool or play on the beach. Was I allowed to do this? No! I was taken to the carpet bazaars, the archaeology sites and the carpet museums. Boring!

I had no appreciation of rugs for many years and thought that I wanted a career in catering but when my father needed a major spine operation, I saw them in a very different light and had a complete change of heart.

I have been in the business for nearly 30 years now and know a lot about rugs, but it is one of those subjects where you never stop learning. During this time I have travelled in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India, met some wonderful people and found some exquisite rugs. I consider myself to be very fortunate to work with such beautiful works of art."


Graham at JW Jennings

"I am the 'new kid on the block'. When I first joined the company in 2013, my knowledge of the oriental rugs market was limited but I had 35 years retail experience under my belt - from department store buying and general store management to a select interiors and furniture business.

I am a passionate retailer and love working with people. Part of what I do is helping customers with the interiors aspect of their decision-making and I hope that my influence in the business makes their overall experience that bit better."


Jonathan at JW Jennings

I joined Jennings in November 2018, initially coming into to help develop the social media avenues that the company wanted to explore. This is my first substantial job and I have been keen to gain as much experience as I can. Jennings is an interesting business with many opportunities, and I have now become an integral part of the team. Interestingly I really enjoy the sales and customer service side of the business and enjoy meeting and interacting with people.

I have developed a unique position here with many day to day activities engaging me in areas which I would not have expected. In recent times the business has become more online focused, and so I have been able to become involved in the product photography and the website development. I have also become interested in the account side particularly as the company has moved over to “sage accounting’.


Heather at JW Jennings

"I have been involved in the selling of fine art for over twenty years, having originally trained in the valuation of Fine Arts. I have recently made the switch to the magic of rugs. Each one for me is a hand knotted piece of artwork, with the same skills being used and exhibiting the same beauty, that a painting portrays. I love colour and pattern and being surrounded by it here inspires me in my other world working as a mosaic artist.

My role at Jennings as a sales and interiors consultant, enables me to utilize my interest in colour and design offering advice when required. The role also embraces social media which I aim to develop at Jennings. On a personal note I love animals, whether they be wild or domestic. I am the proud parent of a rescue English Bull Terrier known as Bea who keeps me occupied and amused outside of work."

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